Exotic Places and Italian Seas

Our current exhibition features Jude Freeman’s mosaics. Jude is a well established and highly sought after mosaic artist.

Mostly self-taught, she has developed a style that is totally unique. She uses Venetian glass smalti, ceramic, stone and marble, gold, silver and bronze leaf, mirror, pyrite, paua shell, vintage china and Japanese porcelain. She also paints and makes her own ceramic tiles. Each piece is individually cut to fit a specific place in the mosaic so no grout is used. This allows for a highly textural surface. She does not draw out the design but spends time selecting each piece, making decisions about composition and colour and cutting the exact shape required to fit its intended space. Always detailed, the work has great depth and quality.

Inspired by travel and colour, she often captures the essence of a place within her mosaics. In some this expression is purely abstract exploring colour, texture and line, while in others it manifests as a narrative Japanese scene or reconstructed land, sea or cityscape. She takes much inspiration from time spent in Italy; the colour and texture of its stone, the depth of turquoise in the Mediterranean and the extreme beauty of its cities.

Jude Freeman, “India”

Jude Freeman, “Summer Flight” detail

Jude Freeman, “Rome”


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