Helen Edwards exhibition – Mixed Media Textiles -press release

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Press Release 25/07/2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

An exhibition of mixed media textiles by Helen Edwards at 45 Southside, Plymouth. September 4th – October 4th 2011

Helen Edwards is a mixed media textile artist based in South Devon. She continually pushes the boundaries of textiles to produce innovative and beautiful work, which may not always be immediately recognisable as textile.

She uses her skills in ceramics, metals and textiles to construct intricate and unique mixed media artwork with visual and tactile appeal. Photography, printing and etching, stitching, weaving and dyeing are some of the many processes Helen uses to give her work its characteristic texture, pattern and colour.

We first became aware of Helen at the Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey, where she exhibited in the Higher Education tent as part of South Devon College. Two years later we are very much looking forward to exhibiting her work at 45 Southside in the autumn of 2011.

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Art is a second career for Helen who worked for 21 years as a speach and language therapist. She developed her interest in art, photography and textiles initially alongside her career, before taking the plunge in 2007 and embarking on a Foundation Degree in Intregrated Crafts at South Devon College. She has since been fast establishing herself as a craftartist, exhibiting widely and winning many prizes. Her work is a unique combination of textile- and pewterwork with photography techniques.

Her work is wide ranging including functional objects, jewellery and sculptural as well as wall-based work but also conceptual pieces.

“We chose to exhibit Helen’s work, during the period in which Plymouth hosts the British Art Show 7, because we believe her work merges craft and contemporary art.” [Mathias and Kirsten]

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contact: arts@45southside.co.uk,

Notes to editors:

1. ’45 Southside’ is a Partnership between Mathias Landwehr and Kirsten Kruse and opened May 2009

2. In 2009 Helen was awarded Membership of the Association of British Pewter Craftsmen after winning the Neish Award and a third prize in “Decorative Arts” for her pewter work in the “Pewter Live 2009” Student Competition. Helen is a Merit Licentiate by the Society of Designer Craftsmen in London and gained Full Membership of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen in 2010.

3. The October/November exhibition slot is reserved for recent graduates as usual. Details are currently being finalised. Please let us know, if you would like further details.

4. We are happy to supply images of the represented artworks in the required format.