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Lincoln Kirby-Bell – New Work

Artist: Lincoln Kirby-Bell
Material: Ceramic, Blue & Green glaze detail.

From left to Right.
Large Cone Vase Dimensions: H 18 cm, ( base ) W 8.5 cm.   £ 46

Bud Vase Dimensions: H 13 cm, W 5.5 cm.  £  26

Mini Cone Vase Dimensions: H 7 cm, ( base ) W 7 cm.   £ 16

Large Cylinder Vase Dimensions: H 18 cm, ( base ) W 13 cm.   £ 56

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New patterns by Lincoln Kirby-Bell

Lincoln-FrogsLincoln Kirby-Bell’s ceramics with their distinctive slipware decoration in spots, spirals and swirls have long been a favourite. Particularly popular are his designs with geckos and fish. He has now also added frogs to his range.Lincoln-Fishes



Cups and bowls with sunny smiling faces and bright red lips are also still available and his new ‘happy people’ range. Lincoln-People

A new colour has been added to the tableware, a turquoise green, which looks great.Lincoln Kirby bell ggreenblue vase





A variety of his larger work can be seen in the online gallery. For a range of his tableware available, please contact us. Small Bowls start from £17. There are lots of colours to choose from.