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Louise thompson vase medium1A rather unusual post for the news section, but we have definitely had a landscape theme running through the gallery of late.

This vase is by Louise Thompson, who decorates her stoneware ceramics with abstract landscapes.

Janie Ramsay jug riverJanie Ramsay is also a ceramicist inspired by landscapes, with a very different technique and effect.

If you prefer a wall pieces, why not take a closer look at Nicola Crocker’s work.Nicola Crocker landscape

Landscapes are not only found on ceramics here at 45 Southside. We still have a few pieces left from the textile exhibition, with Sue Spooner, Emma West, Beverley Bailey and Jane Price offering their interpretation of landscapes in weaving, embroidery and ceramics, which started as embroidery.SueSpooner-TheShadowOfTheBelltower- web

mel guy landscape on easelOn metal, we have works by Melanie Guy, who works on pewter and many of her pieces are landscapes and seascapes. To see more work by each artist. Click on their tag in the right hand column or browse the online gallery and the exhibitions section.


Where abstract landscapes and clay meet – Ceramics by Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson’s current work is characterised by what she refers to as ‘windows of colour’. They are carefully placed spots of coloured glazes like a miniature landscape painting on a functional ceramic vessel.




“I am exploring the relationships of colour and line within landscapes. I am particularly interested in the special and recessive qualities that can be achieved when two or more colours are placed next to each other”(says Louise Thompson)

Her influences include both her practical experiences with photography and cabinet making, but also potters such as E. B. Fishley and Michael Cardew.

Louise returned to Cornwall, where she grew up, and turned to ceramics just over a decade ago after living in North Devon, London and Bristol working in commercial photography and cabinet making.