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Remon Jephcott – Apple with silver Fly


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 Pear also available

 Artist: Remon Jephcott

 Material: Ceramic, glazed,gold lustre, real silver (Fly)

 Dimensions: H: 7 cm Diam: 5.50 cm

 £ 120

 Ref.: RJ7

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remon jephcott apple side


Remon Jephcott – Acorn Pendant and Heart Earrings Set

remon jephcott acorn rose set

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 Artist: Remon Jephcott

 Material: Ceramic, glazed, gold lustre, silver chain and findings

 Dimensions (pendant): H: 5 cm W: 1.70 cm

 £ 70     SOLD

 Ref.: RJ11

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 To view more work by Remon Jephcott, please click on the tag in the right column.


For all insects lovers and budding entomologist

Green_HawkerWe have so much insect inspired art and jewellery at the minute, that I thought they deserved their own post. Adorn your walls with dragonflies made out of embroidered silk in boxes, butterflies made from wirework or a poetrytile featuring a grasshopper.Insect-LazyQuote



Kate Packer also makes bug and moth brooches as well as earrings and necklaces.Kate packer bugs They are all made from a combination of her intricately woven coloured metal wire and semi-precious stones or beads.

remon jephcott cameo fly broochFlies, spiders and butterflies are also part of Remon Jephcott’s Victorian inspired ceramics. For her jewellery range she combines images of flies and spiders with traditional shapes and gold or silver lustre.

Beverley Bailey keeps her own bees and has incorporated the lovely creatures into her embroidered bookcover designs.Beverley-Bees

You can find a selection of works in the online gallery and much more in our gallery on Plymouth’s historic Barbican.


What’s in store this month


invaug2013 3We have had a lovely summer and the weather still looks as if it may stay a bit longer. In case it doesn’t, you can stock up on your essential reading with us. We stock Ceramic Review, Craft Arts, Crafts and Craft and Design Magazines.

We have had a new delivery of Iris Milward’s poetry tiles. If you  have had your eye on one, we currently have a good choice available. invaug2013 5New work has also arrived by Lincoln Kirby-Bell, Remon Jephcott, Christina Peters, Delan Cookson, Richard Glass, Janie Ramsey and Frances Spice. Work often sells before I have a chance to post it here, so it is always worth coming in or sending us an enquiry. If you are looking for something specific, we can order it for you or look out for something similar when visiting artists.

invaug2013We are also getting ready for our textile exhibition in the autumn starting on the 18th of October 2013. if you would like to be kept up to date, why not join our mailing list by emailing us arts@45southside.co.uk.

A seleinvaug2013 4ction of the work can be seen in more detail in our online gallery . Always worth a visit.invaug2013 2


What’s in store in May!

remonjephcott appleIt has been a while, but we have a new web-site. Perfect time for an update on what is currently in the gallery.

We have had several new deliveries of jewellery, wirework by Kate Packer, for example, and also a delivery of Remon Jephcott’s lovely (and humorous) ceramics and ceramic jewellery. New are these decaying fruit. We have apples, a pear and a cherry. The fly on the apple is made from real silver.

whatsinstore may 2013 sidewallJenny Beavan has delivered new work of both her stunning ceramic panels on glass and a sculptural work. You can find out more about her and her work in this month’s Ceramic Review. We still have some copies. We also have new tableware by Lincoln Kirby-Bell. In addition, he has made some wallvases or flower pots in his signature style.lkb wallvase

Glass artist Richard Glass and metalsmith Noah Taylor have also dropped by new work. Some of Noah’s latest sculptures are visible in the image above along the back wall next to one of Richard’s Splash Sculptures.

whatsinstoremay melguyMore pewter work by Melanie Guy has also arrived, there are new ‘wallsculptures’ but also a selection of tableware and sculptural works, which is a new departure for Melanie.whatsinstore may 2013 backwall This includes coasters, dishes, paperweights and a very elegant Sushi dish. On the shelf above Melanie’s work are Rebecca Harvey’s latest porcelain vessels. Her work is smooth yet tactile with a number of different shaped bowls of various sizes as well as her serving sets on Oak plates with Cornish Pewter Spoons.

mel guy coasters


Vintage look ceramic jewellery inspired by Victorian’s love for insects

Remon Jephcott’s jewellery is new to 45 Southside.

The jewellery is a response to Remon’s research into the world of the Victorians, focusing on the realm of the feminine . An aspect of her inquiry has been inspired by the Victorians love of insect jewellery of all types, which reflected their fascination with classifying nature.

Each piece goes through several kiln firings, from the initial bisque firing to the final lustre firing, which gives each piece it’s precious quality.

The range includes a wide variety of designs including flowers, birds, insects and other designs as well as butterfly shaped brooches, necklaces and earrings.

To view a small selection in more detail, please visit out online gallery.


Remon Jephcott – Heart Brooch, Fly

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 Title: Fly heart brooch

 Artist: Remon Jephcott

 Material: ceramic with transfer print and silver lustre glaze, backed with lace, pin

 Dimensions: H: 2.7cm W:  2.8cm D: 0.7cm

 £ 29

 Ref.: RJ1

 More about Remon Jephcott

 To view more work by Remon Jephcott , please click on the tag in the right column.