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Moorland Glass Vessels by Richard Glass – New Designs

Richard created a new series of glass bowls and vases inspired by our beautiful moorlands. The colours of a sunny spring day on the moors are embodied in every piece of skillfully handblown glass vessels. Prices are starting from just £40 for a 11 x 12 cm bowl to £125 for a 30cm tall statement piece. You find some of Richard’s work in our  online shop  and of course the whole range in our Barbican gallery.

Richard Glass – Moorland Bowls

Richard Glass – Breaking Wave – NEW 2018

Richard Glass Display – Detail


New Artist: Qi Zhang’s fine porcelain work

We are excited to show Qi Zhang’s masters work at 45 Southside. Qi studied a foundation degree in Applied Crafts at Cambridge and continued on to graduate with a first class degree in BA Ceramics from the University for the Creative Arts Farnham in 2017. Currently Qi is studying for her Masters in Ceramics at Plymouth College of Art.

Her delicate porcelain sake bottles (£240) are hand carved on double-layer-casted slipware from colour stain, with transparent glaze applied inside. Chimes (£20) in the same style are made from a cast and are available in glass or ceramic.


New Iris Milward Greeting Cards 2018

We have added three new greeting cards to our ever popular range by Devon artist Iris Milward. Please follow the link to our greeting card page and discover the whole range and the lovely poems. You can view our whole card range here or buy them straight away in Online-Shop.

IM 17 – Seahorse “Time is but a stream I go a-fishing in”

IM 19 – Duck “There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.”


Robert Hills – Industrial Lamp

Industrially designed iron lamps with a rust finish. These heavy duty iron tube lamps with original reclaimed enamel transformer danger signs for added impact will sit well in any modern or eclectic home. There are a range of 3 sizes that can be viewed working in the gallery. The edison light bulb is included and the lamp can be fitted with a standard lamp shade.

Height 64 to 90 cm, Width 14 to 20 cm. Priced from £ 340  to  £ 440

The small lamp is available through our online shop.




New work by Jane Price – Kachina Dolls

The Kachina Dolls were designed and brought to life by Jane Price, a textile artist who also works with a varied and wide range of materials. Her Kachina Dolls are inspired by the spiritual traditions of native Americans, particularity derived from New Mexico. The dolls were ancestral spirits in mythology that would be used to teach social and ceremonial traditions to younger generations. The first known Kachina dolls were obtained by traders in 1857. Our favourite Kachina doll is Keeper of Time ( Present, Past & Future ) but never the less they are all fascinating, very detailed designed to a high standard craftsmanship.

 More about Jane Price

 To view more work by Jane Price, please click on the tag in the right column.


Touchy Feely Exhibition 2017 – Tim Gee and Carol Hocking

An exhibition of textiles and ceramics by Carol Hocking and Tim Gee at 45 Southside,
17th September to 23rd October 2017

Carol Hocking is a textile practitioner with a lifelong interest in textiles and stitching. Her techniques integrate traditional skills and modern technology; using hand weave and stitch, patchwork, layering, and dying in conjunction with laser cut and heat manipulated fabrics.

Tim Gee is known for his subtle use of texture and colour on porcelain, but this new work moves him into uncharted territory. Each of his unique containers are thrown on the wheel, ceramic boxes enclosing a space filled with texture, colour and surprise.

This show will contain new work by both artists exploring colour and texture using two very different media. Tim’s ceramic boxes are enclosed vessels of layered colour and texture. Smooth, glossy or textured each of these coloured pieces begs to be handled.
Carol’s work uses a variety of techniques both traditional and modern to layer and patchwork scraps and other textiles, using older materials reused or recycled to create new work.

Though both approach texture from different directions and using very different media each feel that for work to be appreciated it needs to be handled, fondled, touched and stroked; only then can its true qualities be fully understood. Because of this the artists invite visitors to handle their creations.

The exhibition is part of Carol’s and Tim’s MA in Contemporary Craft at Plymouth College of Art and will run from Sunday 17th September 2017. The opening view will be held on that day from 3pm to 6pm, all are welcome.


Creatures Great and Small – Exhibition 2017

Creatures Great and Small – Exhibition at 45 Southside, 8th April to 23rd May 2017

At one time or another we have all had our hearts touched by furry or feathered friends. And so have our talented artists. Gwen Vaughan and Tracey Benton together with 45 Southside continues its series of exhibitions. Both artist are well known for their humorous and collectable work.

Tracey Benton is predominantly felt making and her favourite subject is our native wildlife, such as hares, foxes and more recently bees. Each piece takes hours of precise needle felting which gives them their shape. In the last stage she adds the defining features of the face, forming each creatures individual and adorable character.

Gwen Vaughan a ceramic artist is equally captivated by creatures great and small. Her quirky animals are captured with minimalistic features nevertheless they are very recognisable species. For her latest range she created cashmere jumpers for her figurines, making them softer to the touch. There are polar bears, whales, foxes, badgers, owls, dogs and of course little birds. Each of her creatures cleverly conveys a element of the nature of each animal. Gwen’s wolf in a sheep’s coat is a beautiful example.

The exhibition will run from 8th April to 23rd May 2017. The opening view will be held on Saturday 8th April from 3pm to 6pm, all are welcome.


John Stewart – Barbican Angel Wings

Artist: John Stewart
Title: Barbican Angel
Material: Stainless Steel.
Approx Measurements: Height 73 cm, Width 53 cm, Depth 3 cm.

£ 1200

Commissions are welcome. Polished Stainless Steel, also available with combined Brass and Copper detail. Please contact us here at 45 Southside Gallery with any enquiry you may have.

To view more wing designs by John Stewart Click Here.