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What’s in store in May!

remonjephcott appleIt has been a while, but we have a new web-site. Perfect time for an update on what is currently in the gallery.

We have had several new deliveries of jewellery, wirework by Kate Packer, for example, and also a delivery of Remon Jephcott’s lovely (and humorous) ceramics and ceramic jewellery. New are these decaying fruit. We have apples, a pear and a cherry. The fly on the apple is made from real silver.

whatsinstore may 2013 sidewallJenny Beavan has delivered new work of both her stunning ceramic panels on glass and a sculptural work. You can find out more about her and her work in this month’s Ceramic Review. We still have some copies. We also have new tableware by Lincoln Kirby-Bell. In addition, he has made some wallvases or flower pots in his signature style.lkb wallvase

Glass artist Richard Glass and metalsmith Noah Taylor have also dropped by new work. Some of Noah’s latest sculptures are visible in the image above along the back wall next to one of Richard’s Splash Sculptures.

whatsinstoremay melguyMore pewter work by Melanie Guy has also arrived, there are new ‘wallsculptures’ but also a selection of tableware and sculptural works, which is a new departure for Melanie.whatsinstore may 2013 backwall This includes coasters, dishes, paperweights and a very elegant Sushi dish. On the shelf above Melanie’s work are Rebecca Harvey’s latest porcelain vessels. Her work is smooth yet tactile with a number of different shaped bowls of various sizes as well as her serving sets on Oak plates with Cornish Pewter Spoons.

mel guy coasters


What’s in Store this Month

There is a great article in Ceramic Review about ceramic artist Jenny Beavan who works in china clay. We stock Ceramic Review, Craft Arts, Crafts and Craft and Design magazines as well as Jenny’s work.

The beginning of April has been busy with new work delivered by Lincoln Kirby-Bell, Noah Taylor, Taz Pollard, Jan Brewerton, Kate Packer and Loula-Bells.

We will also be launching a new web-site very soon, with a new an improved blog and online gallery. The old site is still there, if you would like to view a selection of work available.



Noah Taylor – Imagination in Metal

Noah Taylor’s work spans a wide variety of purposes. Decorative as well as functional his artefacts range from the easy harmony of his candleholders and patinated copper products to these quirky and humorous chimerical silver plated containers.

Noah designs and makes furniture, sculpture, artefacts and architectural pieces inspired by a wide variety of influences and interests incorporating the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Noveau, Art Deco, myths and legends, all delivered through his own unique sensibility. The range of materials he uses includes most metals, wood, glass and plastics, often incorporating recycled parts and objects. The techniques employed vary from hot forging to casting, laser cutting to electroplating, woodworking to silver soldering.

We have a range of his work on display including also these incense burners and copper boxes as well as the popular flying hearts.