Past exhibitions

Even Longer ago….

April 2011

Jude Freeman: Exotic Places and Italian Seas – An exhibition of intricate mosaics

Jude is a mosaic artist, dividing her time between South Devon and Southern Italy. She is a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. Inspired by travel and colour, she often captures the essence of a place within her mosaics. In some this expression is purely abstract exploring colour, texture and line, while in others it manifests as a narrative Japanese scene or reconstructed land, sea or cityscape. She takes much inspiration from time spent in Italy; the colour and texture of its stone, the depth of turquoise in the Mediterranean and the extreme beauty of its cities.

Exhibition flyer (pdf)

March 2011

Kati Vamos: Smoke-fired burnished earthenware

Kati’s hand-thrown vessels are simple and classical in shape. The unglazed surfaces with their silky sheen and sensous feel invite to touch and to hold. This is created by repeated burnishing (rubbing) with polished stones of the surface. In the final firing the pots are exposed to dense smoke. The smoke is applied in a variety of ways to create spontaneous irregular patterns, contrasting random patches or deliberately “drawn” carbon lines. Kati can never be in complete control. She can only direct and influence the natural process of carbonisation. Each finished piece is a surprise and unique.

Exhibition Flyer (pdf)

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February 2011

Eleanor Newell: Raku pottery

Eleanor Newell (BA hons) is a highly acclaimed maker of elegant and refined Raku ceramics. Her range includes both decorative and functional items, designed as interior design objects. Eleanor’s ceramics are classical in style, whilst distinctively recognisable and unique. She has gained a reputation for developing a wide palette of subtle hues and tones gently interplaying with the crackle effects of Raku, as well as vibrant lustres and matt glazes, all achieved through blending naturally occurring minerals.

Exhibition flyer (pdf)

October 2010

Sacha Foster: Contemporary Metallwork

Sacha Foster graduated from Plymouth College of Art this summer. She has already made her mark as an innovative and skilled contemporary metalworker attracting much attention at this year’s graduation show and New Designers Exhibition in London. Her exhibition will feature her striking steel sculptures, contrasting polished with rough steel surfaces.

Exhibition Flyer (pdf)

Devon Life Social Diary November 2010 (pdf)

May 2010

Lincoln Kirby-Bell: Spot On!

Originally from Australia, Newlyn is Lincoln Kirby-Bell’s most recent adopted home after studying and working around the world. Spots, spirals, circles, linear patterns and stripes combined with his distinctive choice of colour and raised decoration technique create colourful and tactile pieces. The exhibition shows both his tableware range con-sisting of individually thrown and decorated vessels as well as his larger unique vases, wall plates and sculptural works.

Review – Devon Life (pdf)

March 2010

Jenny Beavan: Water at Work

‘Water at Work’ expresses Jenny Beavan’s fascination with water and the geological changes caused by its action. Jenny aims to balance freedom of expression, and acceptance of the power of natural phenomena, in the portrayal of water’s inter-action with clay as both defy natural pressures to be tamed or restricted.

Review – Devon Life (pdf)

February 2010

Let There Be Light!

New works by Zoe Coles and Robert Hills, as well as a wide range of lamps and lighting by our artists, made especially for the exhibition.

Exhibition flyer (pdf)

November 2009


Three talented glass designers from Plymouth College of Art. Richie Alli uses both hot and cold working techniques to bring out the best qualities of glass as a material. His work is inspired by nature and the Sixties. Louise Cloke’s vibrant colourful flowering cacti were inspired by the Eden Project. Her work showcases her excellent technical skills and talent. David Roberts makes sculptural kiln glass. Fascinated by fossils and geometry, his work combines precision with the element of surprise to create subtle, yet dynamic glass sculptures.

Review – Devon Life (pdf)

October 2009

Jane Price – Natural Histories Exhibition

Natural Histories represents Jane’s manipulation of plant forms into paper and papyrus, enhanced by frames as striking as the images. Photograms bring together elements both underwater and of the garden, combining fish, seahorses and shells, beetles with plant life and butterflies with orchids. Boxes of hand-crafted butterflies illustrate with the inclusion of maps, the eco-climates of the West Country habitats.

Review – Arts+Culture (external link)