Brian Ivey – Artist Statement

Born into a respected local fishing family, Brian found his sea legs at age 15 within the families business, were he worked until retiring at 63. Having had a busy life on board the lively boats of Plymouth fishing industry, once Brian retired he found himself with an abundance of time on his hands, something he wasn’t use to.
He sought a hobby to fill his time and joined The Plymouth Wood Turners Club. Brian soon developed his skills to find his own style and technique to create his original wood pieces.

When possible, Brian prefers to source his wood locally from fallen trees or off cuts disregarded by others. All his wood is stored to dry, sometimes for up to 4 years, before it can be worked. His favourite wood is Yew, Oak and spalted Beech. He uses the contours of the grain, knots and markings in the wood to amplify and enhance the natural beauty of each individual piece.
Brian doesn’t see imperfections in the wood but a source of inspiration that enables him to shape and create a form from the natural features it already holds.