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Illustrated Ceramics by Scotty Gillespie

We are thrilled to announce we are now selling work by Exeter based artist Scotty Gillespie. His work promotes tenderness, uniqueness and whimsy. These limited edition, playfully illustrated ceramic vessels are a ray of sunshine in the gallery, visiting them is a must!

Scotty Gillespie – Large Friends Vase measures approximately 14cm high x 23cm wide, £150
Medium Searching Vase, measures approximately 11cm high x 13cm wide, £65


New Artist: Vanessa Child-Villiers

We are excited to announce Vanessa Child-Villiers to the gallery. The talented ceramic artists new work “Violent Delights” can be view first hand in gallery. The sculptural vessels are masterfully crafted by hand with intricate details and opulence. The title speaks volumes and the work is a testament of Vanessa’s skill. Each vessel is unique in form, one is lifted by a glass base. The interiors of each are glazed in a smooth silky cream in contrast to the bronze of the metallic oxide that covers the spiky exterior. Simply moreish and tactile work, made to dazzle and awe!

The vessels are priced from £220 to £240 and approximate measurements: Height: 23cm, Width: 16cm.



Moorland Glass Vessels by Richard Glass – New Designs

Richard created a new series of glass bowls and vases inspired by our beautiful moorlands. The colours of a sunny spring day on the moors are embodied in every piece of skillfully handblown glass vessels. Prices are starting from just £40 for a 11 x 12 cm bowl to £125 for a 30cm tall statement piece. You find some of Richard’s work in our  online shop  and of course the whole range in our Barbican gallery.

Richard Glass – Moorland Bowls

Richard Glass – Breaking Wave – NEW 2018

Richard Glass Display – Detail


Lincoln Kirby-Bell – New Work

Artist: Lincoln Kirby-Bell
Material: Ceramic, Blue & Green glaze detail.

From left to Right.
Large Cone Vase Dimensions: H 18 cm, ( base ) W 8.5 cm.   £ 46

Bud Vase Dimensions: H 13 cm, W 5.5 cm.  £  26

Mini Cone Vase Dimensions: H 7 cm, ( base ) W 7 cm.   £ 16

Large Cylinder Vase Dimensions: H 18 cm, ( base ) W 13 cm.   £ 56

 More about Lincoln Kirby-Bell

 To view more work by Lincoln Kirby-Bell, please click on the tag in the right column.


Janie Ramsay – New Work

JanieRamsay2WebArtist: Janie Ramsey
Title: Tall Jar.
Material: Ceramic.
Approx Measurements: Hight 23.5cm, Neck Width 13cm, Neck Depth 4.5cm, Base Width 6cm
£120    SOLD

JanieRamsay3Web  Artist: Janie Ramsey
Title: Narrow Bottle.
Material: Ceramic.
Approx Measurements: Hight 14cm, Depth 3.8cm, Base Width 10.6cm
£94    SOLD

 More about Janie Ramsey

To view more work by Janie Ramsey, please click on the tag in the right column.