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Penny Simpson - Terracotta Ceramics

New Ceramics this September

Here is a little update about new ceramics that have recently arrived. We now stock Penny Simpsons terracotta tableware. Her latest design is inspired by a visit to Australia which works really well with the traditional shapes and the rustic red terracotta ceramic.

Tim Gee doesn’t make many pots but if we get hold of some of his vessels they are perfect, resonable priced and they sell quickly. Tim spends many hours developing and testing new glazes applied to fine white porcelain.

We all need a bit of colour. These hand-built and wheel-thrown stoneware ceramics by Mathias Landwehr are bright and tactile. Designs are applied freely on the pot so every piece is a one-off.


Touchy Feely Exhibition 2017 – Tim Gee and Carol Hocking

An exhibition of textiles and ceramics by Carol Hocking and Tim Gee at 45 Southside,
17th September to 23rd October 2017

Carol Hocking is a textile practitioner with a lifelong interest in textiles and stitching. Her techniques integrate traditional skills and modern technology; using hand weave and stitch, patchwork, layering, and dying in conjunction with laser cut and heat manipulated fabrics.

Tim Gee is known for his subtle use of texture and colour on porcelain, but this new work moves him into uncharted territory. Each of his unique containers are thrown on the wheel, ceramic boxes enclosing a space filled with texture, colour and surprise.

This show will contain new work by both artists exploring colour and texture using two very different media. Tim’s ceramic boxes are enclosed vessels of layered colour and texture. Smooth, glossy or textured each of these coloured pieces begs to be handled.
Carol’s work uses a variety of techniques both traditional and modern to layer and patchwork scraps and other textiles, using older materials reused or recycled to create new work.

Though both approach texture from different directions and using very different media each feel that for work to be appreciated it needs to be handled, fondled, touched and stroked; only then can its true qualities be fully understood. Because of this the artists invite visitors to handle their creations.

The exhibition is part of Carol’s and Tim’s MA in Contemporary Craft at Plymouth College of Art and will run from Sunday 17th September 2017. The opening view will be held on that day from 3pm to 6pm, all are welcome.