Delan Cookson – Artist Statement

My long life in ceramics is divided into three distinct phases; the first was involved with ‘hard edge’ assemblages of tubes, cones and spheres (1960’s). The second phase explored the sculptural potential of ‘squeezed’ forms. My large ‘Egg Press’ (1975) was made from slabbed and thrown stoneware, porcelain and melted glass. The last and present phase (since 1988) has been concerned with the making of a fine pot, using porcelain clay on the wheel. Designing bowls, bottles and vases to act as focal points in a domestic interior. The aim is to produce a satisfying balanced finely crafted form. The whiteness of the clay giving added brilliance to my coloured glazes.

Career path
Trained at Bournemouth College of Art and the Central School, London. Gained NDD in Painting, and ATD. Taught for twenty eight years ending up as Course Leader for Ceramics and Glass at Bucks College of Higher Education. After leaving in 1988 I set up a workshop in Cornwall and have worked there ever since. I gained a Churchill Fellowship in 1966 and toured American potters for three months. I also gained a two month scholarship at Kecskemet in Hungary in 1985. I won a Gold Medal at the 1974 Vallauris International Exhibition for my ceramic sculpture.

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