Hugh West, ceramics, Porcelain, pottery

Hugh West – Artist Statement

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Hugh started his career in ceramics in 1967 studying at Hereford School of Art & Design. He then transferred to Redruth School of Art to take a further ceramics course for which he was awarded a diploma with distinction. After work experience with several established potters, he opened his own pottery in Newquay in the early seventies and later began a large production pottery in Devon.

In 2000 he moved to the south of France, where ancient pottery traditions still survive. He repeated the traditional forms and ways of wood firing in an anagama kiln. Back in Cornwall 14 years later Hugh made raku firing his speciality until a serious illness prevented him continuing.

He has worked with stoneware, porcelain and raku clays, fired in both wood and gas kilns. He also developes his own glazes. Hugh now divides his time between making individual porcelain pieces and photography. Inspiration comes from the surrounding forests, the coast and the village he lives in. His lifelong experience as a skilled potter shines through every piece.