India Lo - Small Porcelain Blob Sculpture

India Lo – Artist Statement

India has been playing with clay on and off since 2007. Over the past 5 years it has been a big part of her life and considers herself very lucky to now have her own small studio space to work in.

India hand-builds using stoneware, and has recently discovered the beauty of porcelain. She mostly uses underglazes and oxides with a transparent glossy topcoat and sometimes a little gold or silver leaf. She loves to use bright colours and is heavily influenced by such artists as Gaudi, Klimt and Miro.

India loves recreating the female form, as well as imaginary characters and creatures that she always give a name to.

The possibilities of clay are endless and although India occasionally makes a rough plan of a piece, sometimes she just starts with a vague idea and sees where it goes. Her imaginary creatures, The Blobs, were

just that, born out of the 2020 lockdown, gradually taking shape over a few weeks.

Blobs have no purpose but to pleasantly idle their days away close to nature. They are placid, easily distracted and forgetful, so tend to lose an eye now and then. When they do, they replace it with a blossom until they find (or steal) another one. Nearly every Blob has a handy pocket in which they put useful things, particularly eyes. They are sad when their pocket is empty. Except for stealing each other’s eyes, they are generally kind and gentle, fighting only over anything brightly coloured and their favourite food, cake.

Each Blob is unique and each has their own name and personality.