Jan Brewerton – Artist Statement

Jan’s work has its foundations in domesticity. In its details, its memories and its rituals.

Individual works begin as a close studies of everyday domestic objects – motifs arising in the forms of vessels, artefacts, implements, textiles, fruit forms, patterns and natural materials.
As a painter, Jan is interested in the relationship between colour and pattern, surface texture, and the painterly development of layers or veils of pure pigment.
As a printmaker Jan works with the pure contract of black on white against a flat picture plane, and the complex spatial relationships and dimensions that so restricted a chromatic palette can still conjure in the mind’s eye.
In a process of composition, her images break rules of scale and perspective and deal with the complex balance of figuration and abstraction achievable in the painted image.

A range of greeting cards based on Jan’s prints and paintings is available here:  Jan’s Greeting Cards