Louise Thompson – Artist Statement

Ceramic Artist – St Ives, Cornwall

Louise joined Goalyard Studios in March 2001, having graduated the previous summer from the Studio Ceramics course at Falmouth College of Arts. She grew up in Cornwall, but has also lived in North Devon, London and Bristol and has previously worked within commercial photography and cabinet making. Louise is also teaching at the prestiges Leach Pottery in St. Ives.

“I have long held fascination for the way that colour, experienced within the landscape, can be framed wihin windows, either natural or man-made. Photography and painting have always been important ways for me to capture this. In my ceramic work, I am exploring the relationships of colour and line within landscapes. I am particularly interested in the special and recessive qualities that can be achieved when two or more colours are placed next to each other. This interest, combined with my love of the work of traditional potters such as E.B. Fishley and Michael Cardew has evolved into my current work, which uses windows of colour as decoration on functional forms, including large bowls, jugs and lidded jars.” [Louise Thompson]

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