Remon Jephcott – Artist Statement

Remon graduated from University College Falmouth in 2008 with a degree in Contemporary Crafts. At the prestigious graduate show, New Designers, she was invited to join The Society of Designer Craftsmen and won their award for Excellence at The Mall Galleries January 2009. Remon then continued study at UCF, gaining a Masters degree in 20th Century Art & Design, Histories & Theories. She has been a practising ceramic artist since graduating and has exhibited work widely throughout the UK.

The jewellery is a response to Remon Jephcott’s research into the world of the Victorians, focusing on the realm of the feminine. An aspect of her inquiry has been inspired by the Victorians love of insect jewellery of all types, which reflected their fascination with classifying nature.

Each piece goes through several kiln firings, from the initial bisque firing to the final lustre firing, which gives each piece its precious quality.