Susan Luker – Artist Statement

Susan studied ceramics at Plymouth College of Art and Design, while there she fell in love with the pyrotechnics of Raku. She was able to develop her own unique style of hand built sculptural ceramics. She started her professional career in ceramics in 1998.

Along with her Raku ceramic work she has introduced a new body of work. It embraces the alchemy of clay slips, engobes and glazes on hand built stoneware pots. They are fired multiple times creating abstract qualities. Where Susans Raku work responded to technical artistic ability and firing processes, her recent work responds more to her emotions and decorative ability, interpreting the environment she lives in.

Susan spends a lot of time sketching and painting ideas for her new pieces. This approach helps her to develop beautiful, considered objects of art. The flat forms act like a canvas to paint on, abstracting her paintings into feelings on how she views the landscape. Vitreous slips, clay slips and engobes perform almost like paint on a canvas. These liquid clays allow her to emotionally and creatively express herself through her ceramic work, whilst also refining her technical ability.