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Lucy Richards – Award Winner at 45 Southside

This summer 45 Southside will be exhibiting a selection of work from Lucy Richards, a recent graduate of 3D Design Crafts with a degree from Arts University Plymouth. Lucy received multiple awards at her graduate showcase including 45 Southside Galleries’ Graduate Showcase Award. There was a high standard of 3D graduate work to select from but Lucy’s stood out conceptually and aesthetically.

Lucy’s degree project is called “Navigate: A Series of Markers”, is a series of mixed media sculptures inspired by the variety of coastal and oceanic navigation markers that Lucy has encountered around Plymouth Sound and Mount Batten. These symbolic brightly coloured buoys assist with navigation and data collection and are specific to coastlines. For example, cardinal markers indicate safe water and lateral markers indicate direction of travel. Lucy has responded to the architectural forms, compositions, and bright colours of these markers, which she has abstracted to produce geometric frameworks that are filled with deformed blown glass and concrete structures. At times, during her third-year studies, Lucy felt as if she was ‘lost at sea’, so these waymarkers became poignant symbols. After an amazingly response to her graduate show, Lucy is no longer ‘lost at sea’ and has plans to pursue glass as a medium. Lucy has an exciting future ahead of her.

Suzi Humphries and Harry Chadwick Exhibition 2022

Ceramics, Glass, Metal Exhibition 2022

We are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting the work of two recent graduates from the Plymouth Arts University. Suzi Humphries’ ceramic vessels and metal and glass sculptures by Harry Chadwick. Both just gained their first class honours degree in 3D Design Crafts. 45 Southside Gallery will be exhibiting their work from 1st October to 15th November 2022.

Suzi Humphries Ceramics and Harry Chadwick Sculptures Exhibition 2022
Penny Simpson - Terracotta Ceramics

New Ceramics this September

Here is a little update about new ceramics that have recently arrived. We now stock Penny Simpsons terracotta tableware. Her latest design is inspired by a visit to Australia which works really well with the traditional shapes and the rustic red terracotta ceramic.

Tim Gee doesn’t make many pots but if we get hold of some of his vessels they are perfect, resonable priced and they sell quickly. Tim spends many hours developing and testing new glazes applied to fine white porcelain.

We all need a bit of colour. These hand-built and wheel-thrown stoneware ceramics by Mathias Landwehr are bright and tactile. Designs are applied freely on the pot so every piece is a one-off.

45 Southside Gallery Shopfront

Here we are !

In case you have to find us on the Barbican just ask for the yellow shopfront. At our lovely Barbican shopping street we are on the shaded side so we simply invited the sun over to our gallery. Freshly painted and now we are pretty much unmissable. Open 7 days a week we showcase contemporary artworks by Devon and Cornwall artists. Actually, I almost forgot, it is our 12th anniversary 1st of May. WAHEY !

Wild Swimming Ceramics by Lucie Sivicka

Wild Swimming Ceramics by Lucie Sivicka

Wild Swimming Ceramics by Lucie Sivicka.

Just in time for Christmas! We have new and exciting work by Czech Potter Lucie Sivicka. With the growing popularity of wild swimming in the Southwest, this series of work is perfect for our coastal gallery. Each piece is unique, wheelthrown, illustrated and glazed by hand.

Lucie’s work is inspired by the wild swimmers in Newlyn, Cornwall.

New Work by Lincoln Kirby-Bell

New Work by Lincoln Kirby-Bell

Ready for Christmas! We have new work by Australian born studio potter Lincoln Kirby-Bell. His tableware is bright and cheerful; just what we need! Not too long now and we are open again to greet you at the gallery. They are not many bells and whistles this year but the Barbican with its independent shops looks nice and festive to set the right mood for Christmas.

Find out more about Lincoln Kirby-Bell here.


Plymouth Potters – Art Weekender 25 / 26 / 27 Sept 2020

The Plymouth Art Weekender is back this September and we are showing new work from 5 potters living in Plymouth all creating ceramics in their individual style and technique. John Pollex’s bright, colourful and very collectable pots, Helen Harrison’s fine functional and decorative porcelain pieces, Tim Welbourne’s wheel-thrown tableware, Mathias Landwehr’s slab-built pots and Christina Peters’ raku and stoneware vessels.

Now entering its fifth year, the Weekender is going from strength to strength thanks to the fantastic community of artists that live and work in the city. There is plenty to see and take part the weekend of 25, 26, 27th September 2020.

Five Plymouth Potters Exhibition Plymouth Art Weekender Sept 2020

New Artist, New Work by Susan Luker

We are happy to have Susan Luker’s ceramics in our gallery. Her pots are hand built using slabs of white stoneware clay. Susan uses the flat platform of the pot like a canvas to paint on and convey her feelings of beautiful Devon where she lives. Painting with clay slips, engobes and a variety of glazes in multiple layers and firings Susan creates one off pieces with compelling abstract designs.

Shop online for Susan’s ceramics – Read more about Susan Luker here.

Susan Luker – Stoneware Ceramics