British Marine Life Greeting Cards by Debby Mason

DM 22 - Tiger Tail Seahorses

DM 22 – Tiger Tail Seahorses

My recent work concentrates on my love of the sea and the amazing life it contains. As a qualified diver, I feel privileged to be able to come face to face with the subjects that I draw. Etchings is the perfect medium for many underwater creatures with its fineness of line and the ability to lend itself to the meticulous detail that attracts me to them as subjects” [Debby Mason]

It is this fineness of detail in Debby’s high quality etchings, aqua-tints and mezzo-tints, which makes the range of British Marine Life greeting cards so unique and special. Each card image is taken from an original print by Debby Mason. The first range focuses on British Marine Life.

Dm 21 - Boar Fish

Dm 21 – Boar Fish

Debby has been a printmaker for 25 years, living on the Devon Coast near Plymouth. Inspired early in her life by Jacques Cousteau she learned to dive and has been active on a number of marine conservation programs since.

Any 10 cards chosen from either of our greeting card ranges are available for £23 including postage.

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