Desmond Tucker – New Studio Potter Exhibiting at 45 Southside

We are glad to have Desmond Tucker’s ceramics in the gallery. Desmond designs and crafts large scale stoneware vessels with oxidised glaze to create impact. Rustic textures combined with smooth earthy tones reflect Desmond’s style while retaining a functional use.

“I view myself more as craftsman than an artist. I like to see my work used on a daily basis and I envy skill and the simple designs of the traditional country potter whose work was part of everyday life for the whole community.”

Black and turquoise glazed bowl and bottle


Large bottle 42 x 32 cm


Bottle detail


Large bottle 41 x 31 cm / Tall vase 44 x 27 cm / Large vase 35 x 25 cm / Jugs 20 cm high