Gifts for Valentines

Artist: Sarah McCormack
Title: Messenger Doves.
Material: Ceramic & Glaze
Size: Large H 5.5 cm, L 7 cm W 3.4 cm.    £ 22
Small Size:  H 4.3 cm, L 5.5 cm, W 2.5 cm.   £ 18

Valentines day soon approaches, celebrate love and romance with a unique hand made work of art for that special someone. We have a huge array of work by South West artist, such as these Messenger Doves by Sarah McCormack. Write a secret message on the scroll and give to a loved one for a keep sake.

SarahHeartsArtist: Sarah McCormack
Title: Ceramic Hearts.
Material: Ceramic & Glaze
Size: W 9 cm, H 7.5 cm.

£ 10 each

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