Tracey Benton felt sculptures are here!

Tracey-TwoMoonHaresTracey Benton and her lovely felt sculptures are new to 45 Southside and already very popular.

Tracey spent many years studying and exploring ceramics, but the moment she started experimenting with wool, she was hooked. It’s a lovely natural material to work with and she is particularly drawn to its textural and sculptural qualities.Tracey-TwoWrens

Tracey uses a process called needle felting (also known as dry felting) to create her birds and beasts. She uses a special needle with tiny notches that catches and binds the fibres together. Each piece is sculpted by hand and takes several hours to make. Details are added to the work using embroidery and beads. Her pieces are displayed on handmade ceramic bases ensuring each piece is truly unique.

Tracey-LeapingHareTracey draws her inspiration from the natural world around her: birds twittering at the bottom of the garden or a cheeky fox crossing her path when she is out walking the dog near her home in North Devon.Tracey-PouncingFox

To see Tracey’s work in detail, please have a browse in our online shop